Virginia Crop Production Association

Virginia Organization Dedicated to Crop Production, Education and a Continuous 
Pro-Active Approach to Virginia Agriculture

 (number in parenthesis reflects years remaining of term)

Brian Turner (2)   Mathias Brothers
Tyler Williams (2)   FMC Corporation 
  Lucas Householder (2)   Southern States Cooperative
Spencer Moody (2)   Helena Chemical Company
Landon Heath (1)   Bayer CropScicence
Tyler Ashworth (1)   Nutrien Ag Solutions
Chelsea Valenti (1)   BASF Crop Protection
Troy Grimm (1)   Augusta Cooperative
Neil Houff (3)   Houff Corporation
Jimmy Ward (3)   Nutrien Ag Solutions
Mark Alley (3)   Alley Agronomics, LLC
Daniel Fleishman (3)   Syngenta NK Seeds

Dave Kindig (2)   Dept. of Conservation & Rec
Kyle Shreve (2)   VA Agribusiness Council
Tony Banks (2)   VA Farm Bureau Federation
Scott Reiter (1)   Virginia Cooperative Extension
Wade Thomason (1)   Virginia Tech
Scott Hagood (3)   Virginia Tech

Sally Taylor (3)   Virginia Tech

Chris Lawrence (3) NRCS