VA Crop Production Association

Virginia Organization dedicated to Crop Production, Education and a continuous Pro-Active approach to Virginia Agriculture


Virginia Crop Production Association Inc.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Virginia Crop Production Association Inc.

To provide our membership with the best training and infromation regarding crop production technology, which improves the profitability of agriculture through the use of sound agronomic, economic, and enviromental methods.

Objectives of Our Association

  1. To operate in a manner that exemplifies the highest level of professionalism and integrity.
  2. To maintain a financially sound organization.
  3. To encourage and support agriculture and identify, pursue, and develop other agricultural related opportunities.
  4. To insure retailer, distributor, and basic supplier credibility through certification or similar programs requiring industry standards.
  5. To educate the membership and the public concerning the most up to date Best Management Practices for environmentally sound and economically viable agricultural production.
  6. To provide information regarding pertinent legislative and regulatory matters.
  7. To be a good citizen by establishing a positive image of community support and participation, and to share fellowship among individuals in our industry.



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