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Available VACPA Scholarships through Virginia Tech...............

VACPA Ag Tech Scholarship- One $2000 scholarship shall be awarded to a student in the Applied Agricultural Management option of the Agriculture Technology Program, specifically concentrated in the areas of Agribusiness and Crop Production.

Mary Jane Neiman Scholarship (Merit)- One $2000 scholarship shall be awarded annually to a Junior or Senior in any of the following departments: Agricultural and Applied Economics, Agricultural and Extension Education, Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences or Horticulture 

Selection Criteria:

A​. Recipients of the above-mentioned awards must be residence of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

B. Recipients shall be chosen on the basis of quality and completeness of their application, strength of curriculum, school activities related to the above areas, hours devoted to work, honors, awards and career plans.

C. Applications will be submitted on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarships applications forms.

D. If a recipient drops out of college or fails to use any portion of a scholarship, the unused portion may be awarded to another eligible student.

E. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarship committee will submit applications meeting the above criteria to the VACPA Scholarship Committee for recommendation.

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