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Membership for 2020----Please Consider becoming a Member of Virginia Crop Production Association

I hope this note finds you well. 

We all know how quickly things change in our industry and that there is definitely no shortage of challenges that we all face daily just doing our jobs.

While weather and some of the challenges that affect Virginia agriculture are out of our control, we can all help minimize some of the challenges that come through misinformed members of the communities we service. The buzz around glyphosate grows every day and you can hardly watch television for an hour without seeing at least one commercial about the class action lawsuit that is building. Our neighbors to the North in Maryland are already facing local legislation to ban glyphosate applications and we will likely see the same in Northern Virginia soon. We have many delegates in the House, that have constituents with unconventional ideas and opinions of agriculture, and they are not limited to the use of glyphosate! It is very likely that we will see even more discussion and challenge around the sale and use of many other crop protection products in the near future and they will not stop there. The focus on fertilizer and other nutrient applications will only grow in the coming months.

VACPA works hard to keep our members informed of the changes and challenges that impact Virginia agriculture. Our organization is strong and our goal is to continue to provide our members the facts they need to stay aware as well as to spread the word. There are two sides to every story. We should not hesitate to tell our side of the story when we are facing potential unrealistic regulations and other challenges that just do not make sense. There is strength in numbers! I encourage you, your peers, co-workers and anyone else in our industry who is not currently a member to please become a member today. Ask them to look at our website and consider joining our great association! If they are unsure about joining, ask them to attend the Annual Crops Summit in January to meet our members and see how hard VACPA works to keep everyone informed and educated. We have four levels of membership: Individual, Sustaining, Multi-Location and Associate. Details on the levels of memberships we offer along with an online application is located on this site under the Membership Application tab. Please feel free to reach out to me for any additional information.


Lucas Householder, Membership Committee Chairman or 252-414-1254


Pay Planner Direct Program

by Dave Kindig, Nutrient Management Training and Certification Coordinator

The need for the increase of planned acres in the majority Virginia Counties in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is critical to achievement of Virginia’s Agricultural nutrient reduction goal established by the current Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP III). To increase interest of private sector plan writers the Department of Conservation and Recreation is introducing a program in which planners may request payment for developing plans directly from DCR. This program will be an updated version of a similar program DCR conducted years ago.

The purpose of this program is to encourage private planners to begin or increase their plan writing activity. Building their client base, in some cases, is their greatest challenge. One of the goals is to keep funding available to those private planners and develop resources that allow them to easily identify farmers that need plans.

The Program: Planners must be set up as vendors in the Commonwealth procurement system. This simple step only requires planners to complete a Commonwealth W-9 and submit it back to DCR to be processed. Next step, start signing up farmers and submit a request form for the total acres of the plan. Once approved, write the plan and send the plan to DCR for review and approval. Once the plan is approved, payment will be processed and a check will be on the way.

Some of the specifications: Crop and animal operation plans eligible, plans written for a 3-year period, payments will be for a new plan year 1, and years 2 and 3 will have a payment for updating the plan as needed. There will be payment for at least one verification during the life of the plan, which is required. All acreage will be tracked by the Annual Activity Report using the Excel spreadsheet version. Neither the farmer nor the planner may be participating in any other program that subsidizes plan development on the acres signed up for this program. There are many specific specifications to the program; this is just an outline of some of them.

To keep communication simple, we have a dedicated email address ( for any correspondence or questions. Getting as many planned acres in the Bay watershed as possible is very important towards meeting Virginia’s agricultural goal for nutrient reductions. Also, the more participation we have in this new program, the easier it will be to continue it into future years. To get the full package of documents for this program, send your request to . If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email or

phone 804-371-8095.